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Architectural Photography

Industrial Photography Australia specialise in architectural and real estate photography. Our clients include architects, developers, estate agents, construction companies and advertising agencies.

Civil Construction

Industrial Photography Australia have photographed civil construction projects across NSW including large sections of the Pacific Highway upgrade, major bridgework, airports, dams and sub-divisions.

Aerial Photography

We shoot commercial aerial photography for commercial projects, property sales, surveying, and even air to air. When we fly, we utilise the best flight asset for the job. We use fixed wing planes, helicopters and remote piloted systems.

Commercial Portrait Photography

We shoot a wide range of commercial portraits from lawyers and accountants to lifestyle images for retirement villages. We have photographed portraits on location for clients as diverse as Nestle, The Australian, McGrath, Aeuvem Living, Mercedes Benz & Norco.

Jeremy has photographed numerous commercial portraits for the advertising industry working to a strict brief as well as editorial portraits with just a turn up somewhere and shoot something brief!

Commercial Photography

We have photographed everything from a range of Belgium chocolates for a European wholesaler to a fleet of trucks for Mercedes Benz.

Just some of the things we can shoot for you include :- Aerial Photos, Advertising Shoots, Architectural & Construction, Real Estate Photography, Company Portraits, Aerial Photography, Press Releases, & much, much more.



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